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Aex 5.8 yg mana? Semua kernel yg di#kernelitu enak

🆕ColdPhoenix Kernel🆚1.5 UF🅰️Oreo 8.1.0 - Pie 9.0📱Unified - Treble🗓2 November 2018🆑Changelog:• Upstream Tag CAF LA.UM.6.6-r1-09900-89xx.0• Improvement Set Spectrum
• Overclocking GPU to 620 Mhz
• Improve Interactive Governor
• Improve CPUs
• Delete AIO and ASMP Hotplugs
• Add MSM Hotplugs
• Add Governor : Lionfish, Zzmoove
• Add Arch Power and GFS Interface
• Upgrade Frandom
• Add new PM Kernel Drivers
• Add QNovo
• Add DTS Eagle
• Add Ultra KSM
• Adding LCD Notifier
• Overclocking Audio Clock 12.228 Mhz

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📝Note:• Support Oreo and Pie ROMs (Treble and Non-Treble ROMs) based on Unified tree by Fabian (@Offain)• This kernel support spectrum, but you can use Kernel Adiutor too
• Please if you face bug, pm@maulananevaroand give detail feedback
🤝Credits & Thanks:@Offain(Tree maintainer)•@YousefAlgadri(Source maintainer)•@Kamikaze41,@Najahiii,@BijiOnta,@TambahRam,@alrakhesyafauzan,@AyraHikariand@mroynaldig👤@maulananevaro👥@coldphoenix👥@Redmi5AID-@Redmi5AID_OOT#️⃣#coldphoenix#kernel#uf#oreo#pie#unified#treble#nontreble